Sunday, May 5, 2013


GUYS. Guess what arrived this week?

SQUEEEE!!!!!!! You know what this means? GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's an awesome collection of stories for writers at any stage, and mine just happens to be about the way I started writing. So, to enter this giveaway: In the comments, briefly tell me about how you started writing. You can earn an extra entry if you tweet about it! Next Sunday, I'll put all of your beautiful names in a hat and the winner gets a copy! Yay! (U.S. only, please. I'm a poor high school student).
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances* *trips* *twitches on ground*

EDIT: Contest is now closed! The winner is Deserae McGlothen! Deserae, please find my email under the Contact tab and give me your address. :D :D :D


  1. The urge to write struck suddenly and without warning,in such a way that it seemed perfectly normal.

    I was eight, I loved to read, and the first things I ever finished were ten-page "episodes" of Time Treasures: a complete rip-off of the Magic Tree House books.

    These stories got even better after Mom clued me in to paragraphs and quotation marks.

    From then on, I was doomed. XD

  2. I started writing in fourth grade, the year I went to public school. My teacher taught us a lot about creative writing, poetry, and short stories. It's kind of funny, because math was her favorite subject, and yet I remember her as a great writing teacher.

  3. I tweeted! :)

  4. I honestly can't even remember starting to write--my parents say I used to chase them around with paper and pencils when I was two, and I'd force them to write down the stories I told them. I remember making the decision that I wanted to write a novel when I was in second grade, right after I learned to read. It's kind of just always been there, you know? :)

  5. I started writing on the back of my math tests when I finished early and had to wait for the teacher to call time. Always liked words more than numbers, but both contain mysteries I just have the urge to solve.

    Congrats, Amy, and thanks for this opportunity,

  6. I had always loved reading, and decided I wanted to start wtiting too! I always remember writing stories in class and making everyone listen as I read them aloud. I've always been writing, it's my thing :)

  7. I was once a bloody liar. I lied about everything, from what I ate for breakfast to what my father did as a job. I was a truly horrible person when I up until the fourth grade.

    Before I never really realized it, but I started writing shortly before I stopped lying. Now, looking back after years of obsessive writing instead of obsessive lying, I realize that I really just loved telling stories before, but had too much crazy-kid energy to sit down long enough to hammer out some words. I lied so I could see a reaction, a ripple created from a story I made up. I'm glad that I channeled all of that negative, lying energy into writing real stories, ones that don't end up coming back to haunt me.

    Oh, and I tweeted:

  8. And the winner is...

    Deserae McGlothen! Congrats, Deserae!

    Thanks so much for entering, everyone!