About Me

Hello! I'm Amy. I write books. My debut, (title to come!) will be published by Greenwillow/HarperCollins in the fall of 2014. I like laughing and parentheses. I love watching soccer but can't play it to save my life, and I love playing tennis but don't like watching it. I hate those little toothpick/dental floss combos. I've always wanted to visit Prague. I paper-mached my desk using old book pages. I have a typewriter named Mattie Ann. I write on my walls. I don't have my driver's license. I'm scared of failure and eyelash curlers. I have very silly thumbs. The past fascinates me. Books, tea, architecture, words, and pie make me very happy. Let's go on a quest.


  1. I'm digging your blog. Why would you keep your writing "gift" a secret from other kids at your school? I don't "get" that. I'm old and have just found an agent, too, but I love talking about my writing. (I know, it probably bores people), but it's who I am and what I do.

    I "met" you today at John's blog. I'd love to have you guest blog at mine, too. Maybe when you're there you give me tips on how I might attract more teen writers. I'd like your opinion.

    Random WRiting Rants


    1. My teenage brain is just...complicated. Haha...I can't really give you a deep, psychological reason about why I'm so shy about my writing--normally, I'd consider myself a fairly outgoing person. Maybe I'm just weird :)

      But anyway, I'd love to guest post on your blog sometime! Just send me an email...(wait, can you do that straight through Blogger, or do you need my email? I may be the most in-technologically inclined teenager ever). I'd love to help out in any way I can!

    2. Um . . . Amy? My Name Is Kind Of . . . The Same As Yours. I`m Also An Amy Zhang, A WRITER (Oh . . . Well Let`s Just Say That I KNOW I`m A Great Writer) And I`m Also Underage . . . Um . . . *Awkward Moment*


      I Currently Live In St. Louis.

      I Also Currently Hate You. I Think I Do. Well I Hate Your Name! Or I Hate My Name!


      Soz. :/

    3. *eyes bug out* I used to live in STL....this is beyond weird. Beyond.

  2. Hey Amy! I just started to recently read your blog and I love all your posts, I even followed you :) I can totally relate to all your randomness as a writer and I don't think i've ever read about an author that I can connect with so much. Imma keep following you :)

    -josie@ http://josieannewriter.blogspot.com/