Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Which I Chicken Out of Swearing

Hi! I'm back! Yay! There are too many exclamation marks in this line!

I had planned to give you guys a basic overview of my NaNo novel last week, but things happened (namely, homework), and I didn't get around to it. So I'm doing it now! (Also, I was tagged last week by the lovely Olivia for the Liebster Award, so...I will eventually get around to that, too. Someone poke me with a stick if I don't. Please).

Here's a pitch for FOR EVERY LIFE:

Liz Emerson is not a good person. She spreads rumors. She drinks. She kisses her friends' boyfriends. And she's ruined a few lives here and there. Okay, so she's ruined a lot of lives. But because she is Liz Emerson, because she is ruthless and heartless and fearless, people don't expect her to care.

She does.

Liz Emerson, you see, is drowning. She is suffocating beneath the weight of all the things she has done, and now, she simply can't go on. But because she's hurt enough people in her short and catastrophic attempt at life, she makes her suicide look like a car accident, certain that she will die and be forgotten.

Except. She doesn't die.

Told from the perspective of Liz's childhood imaginary friend, FOR EVERY LIFE is a story about the loss of innocence, the art of being alive, and a heartbroken girl's countdown to giving up.

And here's a small excerpt! I literally closed my eyes, scrolled through the manuscript, stopped at a random place, and copy/pasted it below. Enjoy! 

WARNING: There is exactly one naughty word below. So. You've been warned.


There are three kinds of people in Liz’s world after the surgery is pronounced successful.

There are the ones who are breathless, shaking, crying in that crushing and desperate kind of relief—namely, Julia and Monica. When the doctor first told Monica that her daughter had not, in fact, died on the operating table, Monica went to Julia and held her, because she couldn't hold Liz.

There are those who aren't at all surprised. They shrug and say that they were never worried, that they knew Liz was strong enough, and this is true enough. Then they sit around and share stories about Liz, laughing together at the things she had done, things that were once b*tchy but were now decidedly hilarious and awesome and so freaking legit.

And then there is Matthew Deringer, who is just the slightest bit disappointed, because he had already ordered flowers for the funeral.


...yeah, okay. I chickened out of the naughty word thing.


  1. Wow. Sounds great. :) If that pitch were a back-cover blurb, I would pick up the book without a second thought. Swear word or not. ;)

    New to following, and love your blogging!

  2. Aww, it's cute that you're like that about swearing, ha ha ha. I'm quite terrible with my language really. I used to not swear at all and now it takes serious effort to keep my language clean when my parents are around.

    Sounds like an interesting novel - I'll keep an eye out for developments! :)